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Rev. Fa Jun

Fa Jun

Rev. Fa Jun Christopher Real is ordained as a Buddhist/Interfaith minister through the Lohan Order, a branch of the Zen Buddhist lineage of Xu Yun (Empty Cloud).  His spiritual education has included work with the Sufi Ruhaniat international, Daoist training in the Zheng Yi and QuanZhen traditions, Neo-Pagan and Wiccan initiation, study of classical Indian yogic texts and practice, and a lifetime of biblical studies, both Christian and in the tradition of Kabbalah. This training is mirrored by undergraduate work in counseling psychology, and post-graduate studies in Yoga, meditation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine – specializing in bodywork and Qigong therapies.

Rev. Fa Jun strives to integrate the insights of modern scientists and of ancient mystics in a way that can allow us to better our own lives while becoming more effective participants in creating a good world for all its inhabitants. The Unitarian Universalist principles are a shining example of this kind of integration. Rev. Fa Jun aspires to embrace these principles of rigor, groundedness, social justice, acceptance, and personal search for meaning in his own spiritual practice, and in his Sunday services.

Rev. Fa Jun’s services and presentations tie together principles of conscious and compassionate communication, meditation, brain research, cutting edge sociological findings, and the teachings of the world’s great philosophical traditions in a straightforward way that participants can take home and put into practice immediately.  He holds the philosophy that church should work for its congregation – fulfilling members’ desires for community, meaning, understanding, and a greater connection to their lives and world.

Rev. Fa Jun gives services three Sundays each month, and is also available for one-on-one sessions during those weeks. He is also available on Fridays from 4-6p by appointment.

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