The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos (UUFLG) invites everyone into our community, without regard to race, gender, age, color, national origin, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We are a Welcoming Congregation, intentionally and openly taking steps to welcome into our community people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Upcoming Sunday Services

December 17, 2017
“Tending the Embers – Unitarian Universalists Futures”
As religious movements in the United States look to the future, many of the current conversations revolve around diminishing congregation size, innovative modes of worship, and the rise of the religious nones” – the drastic increase of folks who identify as atheist, agnostic or with no religious tradition. How can Unitarian Universalists, as liberal religious practitioners, meet the needs of our communities as understandings of what it means to be in worship and to be a part of a congregation shift?

Our guest speaker is Esther Wallace, a student at Starr King School for the Ministry. Esther was raised in a conservative Christian tradition, and after discovering in college that this was not her spiritual path, explored progressive Christianity, Buddhism, Pagan traditions and Humanism before finding Unitarian Universalism in 2014.

December 24, 2017
“Giving Birth to Christ Within”
While unlikely the date Jesus of Nazareth was born, December 25th is when all over the Northern Hemisphere, people have celebrated the return of the Light. The ancient festival of Yule celebrates the birth of the sun, and today we will enjoy together the light that each of us shines from our heart. This intergenerational (all ages) service will be filled with song, meditation and interaction, sure to bring the light of kindness to birth in each of us. –Rev. Fa Jun

December 31, 2017
“Sing in the New Year”
In many ancient cultures, the beginning of the New Year is seen to be a time when our actions have a greater “karmic” or spiritual effect.  This is because our minds see this as a powerful time of new beginnings.  This morning’s service will be a time of contemplation, conversation and music – helping us to celebrate and mourn what the past year has brought, and to envision an even brighter future for tomorrow.  We will plant seeds of empowerment into the fertile ground of new year’s eve, and watch our kind intentions blossom in the days to come.  –Dave Coldren, Musical Director

Stronger Together


To make our world better, each of us must celebrate and share our unique gifts to discover new ways to nurture our planet. As curious, spiritually independent people, our Fellowship strives to provide an open and supportive environment to explore the creativity, strength and wisdom within the diverse experiences and aspirations of each of us. We discover joy and meaning in this type of religious community. And by working together, we strengthen our connections.

Join us at a Sunday morning service at 10:30. Our children’s spiritual development classes also begin at 10:30. We have classes for nursery, elementary and middle school ages.

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