November 29, 2015
Advent of Hope
Christy Baker, Worship Leader

November Theme―Gratitude

We stand between holidays today, savoring leftovers and gratitude, an orientation of past and present. Today is the start of Advent―four weeks of preparation leading up to Christmas. How do we as UUs, remain mindful of past and present, yet create space for what might be? How do we live out our beliefs during this season? For what have you been thankful and for what are you hopeful in the weeks ahead? If you are feeling more dread, depressed or overwhelmed by the holidays this year, you are particularly invited to seek hope and draw compassion from the light of this liberal religious community.


What a joy to enter the holiday season together. I don’t know about you, but I can feel the warmth of our community holding strong to each other as the year grows darker. This month our theme is all about gratitude. When I look around our sanctuary, I have a lot to be grateful for. To be ensconced in a community of people who hold values about the sanctity of life, freedom, and relationships, is a very fortunate thing. Let us celebrate together all that we are blessed with this month. ―Rev. Fa Jun, UUFLG Minister


To change our world for the better, it will take each of us celebrating and sharing our unique gifts to discover new ways to nurture our planet. As a crucible of curious, spiritually independent people, our Fellowship strives to provide a very open and supportive environment to explore the creativity, strength and wisdom found within the diverse experiences and aspirations of each person. There is meaning and joy to discover in this type of religious community. And by working together in partnership we help strengthen our interconnected web of existence.

We look forward to talking to you further about your own spiritual path and how we can support each other. Begin by joining us at a Sunday morning worship service at 10:30 AM in our Sanctuary. Our children’s spiritual development classes also begin at 10:30. We have classes for nursery, elementary and middle school ages.