Sunday, July 5th, 2015, 10:30 AM:

Rationality Will Save the World!

Rev. Fa Jun, UUFLG Minister

(preceded by a Morning Meditation, 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM)

Looking at the news, social media, and even international debates, there seems to be one curious thing missing – cold, dispassionate, reason.  This doesn’t mean the reason that treats human or animal life as unimportant, but simply the good old fashioned critical thinking that lets us take a wider perspective on the issues that face us.

Today we’ll explore some of the most popular rhetorical devices, like the appeal to outrage, or appeal to an inappropriate authority, and how to spot these nefarious players.  We will call out the suspicious lack of facts, and data in the speeches of influential figures, but we will also learn to call out these oversights in our own minds and beliefs!  We’ll find that if we are willing to open our eyes a little wider, we won’t lose our hearts in the process, in fact, it may just save us all!


July Theme: ‘The Light of Love and Wisdom’
During the brightest days of the year, all things are illuminated and brought to fruition.  In many ways, we are living in the brightest days of human history.  We have come to know more about ourselves and our world than our ancestors ever hoped to know, and we just keep on growing.




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To change our world for the better, it will take each of us celebrating and sharing our unique gifts to discover new ways to nurture our planet.  As a crucible of curious, spiritually independent people, our Fellowship strives to provide a very open and supportive environment to explore the creativity, strength and wisdom found within the diverse experiences and aspirations of each person.  There is meaning and joy to discover in this type of religious community.  And by working together in partnership we help strengthen our interconnected web of existence.

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