Member Information


Membership at the Los Gatos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is open to all. We are a liberal religious community that embraces people of different faiths and backgrounds. We encourage you to attend several services and participate in activities before making a decision to join our Fellowship. Membership in a Unitarian Universalist congregation does not require you to believe a creed, though it does ask you to remain in a continually evolving and tolerant dialogue concerning the ways of truth, faith and love. We hope that you will find with us words and practices that move the mind and heart, a place of community and comfort, and encouragement to pursue your spiritual journey.

Newcomer Activities

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos offers orientations at least twice a year and various socials throughout the year. These activities are announced in our email news called What’s Happening. Orientations are interactive workshops, which allow participants to explore the history and principles of Unitarian Universalism while learning more about our Fellowship and its members. Socials include soup suppers, evening mixers, and lunches at the Fellowship or hosted at a member’s home. Many people decide to become members as a result of participating in orientations and socials.


If you feel like you have found a spiritual home here, we invite you to have a conversation the President of the Fellowship (or their delegate), followed by signing our membership book. Your signature in our membership book affirms your commitment to enjoy the benefits of membership.

  • Aligning your actions with your beliefs and affirming your support for the actions and values of Unitarian Universalism.
  • Making a commitment to belonging to this community and supporting our shared future.
  • Voting rights as a stakeholder in the Fellowship, participating in our congregation’s self-governance.
  • Opportunity to serve on the Board of Trustees.
  • Opportunity to represent the Fellowship at District and National conferences and a subscription to UU World magazine.
  • Free use of facility for members’ religious or commemorative events such as wedding ceremonies, child dedications and memorial services. A refundable security deposit is still required. Members also receive a discounted rate for other personal events such as birthday parties and family reunions, following the rental process.


Becoming a member also affirms that you wish to become a responsible member of our community.  We expect that our members participate in the following ways.

  • Act upon Unitarian Universalist principles and values in reaching out to the wider world through personal example, volunteer service and political action.
  • Volunteer based on your talents, ability and schedule to the Fellowship’s programs and administration.
  • Provide a personally meaningful level of financial resources for the Fellowship in recognition of the importance of maintaining a liberal religious presence and values for ourselves and in the greater community. This financial contribution is tax deductible.
  • Uphold the Fellowship’s commitment to maintaining a welcoming and safe congregation, which includes emotional, spiritual and physical safety for children and adults.


Those who choose not to become members, but regularly participate in the UUFLG community are known as “friends” of the Fellowship. We welcome friends to actively engage in classes and activities, volunteer to support these activities, and contribute financially to help sustain the programs, ministry, and facility they enjoy.