Lifespan Learning (Religious Exploration)

Unitarian Universalism holds as one of its central principles the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Religious exploration and spiritual growth with a loving and respectful communityHRC_4558-14 are at the heart of what we offer.

Ongoing religious exploration is essential to the spiritual strength of young and old alike. Our Religious education programs, which we call Lifespan Learning, nurture and challenge us as individuals and families and provide us strength to flourish.

In our children’s programs, we encourage our children to question, wonder and develop their own religious understanding while confirming the values that we share. We provide age-appropriate curricula that teach about Unitarian Universal principles as well as other religious traditions of the world. Children’s classes meet at the same time as Sunday Service.

Adult classes and activities are wide ranging and varied, with the goal of stimulating our search for truth and meaning.