Zoom Basics

This information is offered to orient users who are new to using zoom for online video and phone-in meetings. Click on the links below for quick video tutorials.

sign-up & download (2:24)
join a meeting (1:10)
configuring audio & video (1:43)
more in-depth host & participate (20:44) (forward to 1:27)

How do I set up a Zoom meeting I need to host at UUFLG? Email Lance Jacobson, communications mgr., at comms@uuflg.org. Lance will set up the meeting, send you the Zoom access details, and give you instructions on how to be the Zoom host. Please initiate Zoom meeting requests early and at least two weekdays prior to your meeting to allow time to publicize it and post Zoom access details to our web calendar.

If you need further assistance with Zoom, contact zoom support. Or, ask a tech-savvy friend, congregant, or family member to make it a social occasion, too!