Adult Spiritual Development

Lifespan Learning

We believe spiritual development never stops. Just as the world never stops revealing itself in new ways, we are constantly learning and growing.

We encourage people to reflect on their own experiences and often this occurs best in the company of others. We welcome your participation in the following ongoing explorations.

Chalice Circle

Chalice circle is an intimate way to discuss your Unitarian Universalist principles or to “build your own theology. ” This group is a great way to connect more deeply with your own spirit, and share with community.  First and Third Tuesdays, 10-1145a.

Men’s Circle

Our Men’s circle is for those who identify as male and want to take advantage of the presence and compassion of their brethren. It’s part facilitated circle – sharing our celebrations, mournings, needs and musings, and part informal conversation – listening to each other’s ideas, getting feedback on important issues, and being fed by community.

How to Meditate

Have you always wanted to learn to meditate, but were intimidated by starting a serious meditation class?  Perhaps you’re wary of religious iconography or philosophical leanings? Do you want a meditation class that anyone can join, and which takes you step by step through the best practices of a modern meditator?

Join us every month for our monthly meditation class led by Rev. Fa Jun, where we explore the path of meditation through discussion, practice, questions and sharing together. Check our latest What’s Happening for dates and topics.

Compassionate Communication

If there is one practice we could do that would improve every aspect of our lives, it would have to be communication. Not only do we usually have to communicate with others just to get through the day, but we are also communicating in our own minds with ourselves.

In this monthly class, we explore the factors that can make communication effective, comfortable, and compassionate in order to improve and enliven our relationships.  Based on emerging research, ancient practices, and deeply inspired by the Non-Violent Communication philosophy, these classes are warm, insightful and practical.

Join us each month for a different facet of the art of compassionate communication.

Check our latest What’s Happening for dates and descriptions of upcoming classes on meditation, compassionate communication, and other topics.